Welcome to the 2014 Holiday Season

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Allyson McGrane
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And December 1 is here! There is a lot to choose from for holiday performances in Vancouver this year.

Top of the list is Cinderella: An East Van Panto at the York Theatre. Last year's Jack and the Beanstalk (read PLANK review here) was a lot of fun... So fun in fact, that I'll likely be going this year with a group o'folks both young and old. Feel free to join us - lots of seats available!

Less on the beaten path is The Nightmare Before the Nutcracker which is coming to the Rio Theatre on December 5 and 12. Featuring guitarist Blue Morris with burlesque dancers in a Tim Burtonesque mash-up of Halloween and Christmas , I'm quite not sure what I'm in for! However, I'll aim to be there for its first performance this Friday night and tell you all about it!

And the first non-seasonal entry for this week is at the Firehall. It's Things near + far, a dance show featuring a group of dancers spanning three generations of artists. The core creative team of Ziyian Kwan, Ron Stewart and Anne Cooper have not ever worked together before... but this show will remedy that! I plan to be there for opening on Wednesday night.

If none of those appeal, there's always the remount of Avenue Q at the Arts Club (read PLANK review here). I talked to publicist Nick Seliwoniuk last week and he tells me this show will be very popular! So get those tickets to take yourself and any other adult children you may know...

Happy December 1 everyone!